Welcome To Thandiwe Mchunu Group

Thandiwe Mchunu Group is a private company, founded by Thandiwe Mchunu from Amahlongwa Mission, in KwaZulu Natal. She is a humble, strong, focused Chemical Engineer with more than 10 years experience in industry.

She has both knowledge and practical experience to invest in South Africa. Driven by the number of unemployed graduates, high crime rates and poor education infrastructure in rural areas, she is determined to make a significant change in Africa. Thandiwe Mchunu Group, is a home for those passionate about what they do.

Waste management

We are making various renewable fuels like biodiesel, bioethanol, biomethanol, biogas, producing safe drinking water and treating waste water.

Water production

We specialize in growing oil crops and food. Oil crops are used to generate fuel and food crops like vegetables are grown to benefit communities and to alternate the land of oil crops.


While education standard in most rural areas is low, Thandiwe Mchunu Group has taken an initiative to upgrade the standard by empowering educators and learners with technology.

Our Vision And Values


Communication – We will ensure that our customers, communities, employees are well informed about the company during hard and successful times.

Honesty – Our business will be operated based on honesty and at zero tolerance to corruption Passion – As a team we are driven by passion to do what we do and offer our customers the best Reliable – We ensure that our products and services are delivered at correct quality and on time.


  • to construct well-functioning commercial biofuel, water and energy plants
  • to increase the number of post graduates
  • to improve the standard of education in South Africa
  • to be known for quality, innovation and reliable suppliers of our products and services

Contact Us

Our Address

Amahlongwa Mission



Contact Details

Tel: 072 843 9268

Email: info@thandiwemchunugroup.co.za


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